Find lost Instagram password using the InstaRipper hack tool

Here we are, after long time with new interesting post today: “Instagram password finder” application called InstaRipper is a hot topic among many technology blogs and forums these days.
It got developed in aim to find or hack login password of wanted Instagram account. Authors of InstaRipper added a strictly rule for the tool that it’s forbidden to use it in any illegal way, such as to steal other people accounts or login to same without their permission.
So the only legal way to use this app is for your own account, for example if you forgot your password and now want to remind and get it back.

InstaRipper app can be found on its official website.

Instaripper app

Possibility of shutting down the tool very soon is high
Because people are massively reporting their accounts are getting stolen because of this software is existing. There are already few petition (poll) threads over some forums where people vote this program should be shut down. And still no words from InstaRipper official representatives has been posted regarding this problem.
Reports have been sent to the official Instagram company as well for a DMCA request. However the case is still active so don’t have 100% accurate answer until the final decision is made.

As of this day InstaRipper still works and function properly whether your account got hacked, and email used to sign-up changed, you can easily return it back while this tool is alive. So do not miss a chance while it’s still on a table.

The main problem have a people who’re not using Instagram often. So if they sign in just like once a week, and notice their profile is stolen, they’ll get in trouble if a hacker changed all important information inside account which is used to recover it: email address and mobile phone number. Because there are many users forget which email ID they’ve used when they were creating online accounts. And without this it’s almost impossible to recover your account back without some brute-force application like InstaRipper is.

For some it’s very useful. Others find it high dangerous tool which shouldn’t exist on internet. Third group use it for profit in illegal way by selling hacked accounts. When you put everything on weigh, maybe it’s better for these kind of tools to not exist at all, and use a traditional ways to reset password from provider’s official page(s). Because there will always be bad people who will use it in wrong ways to harm others.

2 thoughts on “Find lost Instagram password using the InstaRipper hack tool”

  1. I’ve been struggling with previous version of this app without knowing it got updated and was trying to hack Instagram password hundreds of times unsuccessfully.
    Just at my last moments when I 99% decided to quit and delete the app forever from my phone I did a last search on google regarding whether the tool works or not, and found out that their previous developers who called themselves “Extreme Programming” team just gave the source code of The InstaRipper to another hacking team who changed its name to one you can see now.
    Then I downloaded Instaripper and it finally worked at my first try.
    The point is: Never stop quitting haha

    I wish I found this article at first when I was looking for some working method to hack into IG profiles.

    Thanks a lot for share!

  2. Finally got back my account which got stolen a while ago.
    Damn now I really see how is important to keep your email details safe, because I’ve forgot password for my Gmail used to sign up for an Instagram account and couldn’t recover it anyhow..

    This made my day, thank you!

    Have a great day,

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